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Tax Related Services

Tax planning for businesses and individuals 

The best way to save on taxes is to have a tax efficient structure. We can help you determine what business structure is best for your business. We can also aid you in ordering your personal and business affairs with the goal of minimizing taxes in the long term. Our firm places a strong emphasis on planning for successful retirement and succession planning including, for businesses, intergenerational transfers of ownership.

Personal and business tax returns (E-File available)

Our firm is capable of preparing individual and business tax returns from the most simple to the extremely complex. Let one of our experienced CPAs prepare your tax return.

IRS audit preparation and assistance and filing back taxes

We understand how upsetting it is to receive an audit notice or tax notice from the IRS or other taxing authority. Our firm can assist you if you are in this situation. We will work with you to determine the best approach to your audit. Often, we take over the stressful communications with the taxing authority and, in many cases, further tax notices can be stopped while we work directly with the taxing authority. Our CPAs have experience in a very wide variety of tax disputes from simple individual tax audits, failed tax payments, or erroneous notices to more complex problems involving S-Corporation compensation, employment taxes, business and farm audits, and worker classification audits

Estates, gift and trust income taxes

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